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Birthdate:Jan 1 I'm the leader. Really, I'm the leader because someone has to be. And I like candles. Look! I have a blue one! It smells like lilac. (Shut up, Raph!)

Unusual Characteristics
He's a 5'2" turtle. With katanas. He's green and bald. He kinda stands out.

Okay, he has been human since Oct 2006. These things happen! He now appears to be a Japanese man that looks vaguely like Takashi Sorimachi. He still carries his two katanas strapped to his back at all times, unless other wise stated.

Disclaimer: Leo does not belong to me. He belongs to Mirage Studios. Takashi Sorimachi belongs to himself. This journal is not for profit but a little fun down at [info]milliways_bar.
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